Oh Baby

well, today was our appointment. it went well. apparently its a very active busy body. it took the doctor a little while to find the heart beat, and when she would find it, the baby would move away. she said all sounded good and unless something happens, we go back in 4 weeks. we'll have our next sono, a 4D one where we find out what we're having, at the end of September.

however, we thought we had a spot at a daycare, but someone else got in before us for the same month that we needed. we went to like 4 other places and the earliest we can get in anywhere is may...we need mid-march...hopefully something will open up...we're going to call a couple of other places tomorrow and see about them.


Doctor doctor give me the news

I went to the doctor today, no not my OBGYN, but my urologist. i had a sono before the appointment to look at my kidneys and bladder (for stones) and the tech "slipped" on over to the uterus, and i got to see the baby! its gotten so much bigger then the last sono, which was just 3 weeks ago. it has flipped, the head is now on the other side, i got to see its spine, its feet and it even waved at us!

i can't wait til my next sono with the OB so i can get pictures of it!!


Matters of the heart

First, let me say that my thoughts and prayers are with some dear friends that last their baby last week.

Secondly, Chad and i went to the doctor yesterday, and we got to hear our babies heart beat. it took her a little while for her to find it, but she did and said it sounded pretty strong.