Two and a Half

My dear sweet Kyndall,

You are 2 1/2 today. Only 6 months left before you are 3! Where did the time go?!

(hours old)

What are you up to these days you may ask? Well, I'll tell you!

(6 months)

- You weigh roughly 25lbs, at the end of the day, and in clothes.
- You are about 34inches tall.
- You wear all sizes when it comes to clothes! You're tall and skinny so you wear 12 month shorts, 18-24month shirts, 24month/2T dresses, and 12-18 month PJ's.
- You are 90% of the way potty trained! You still have a few accidents here and there, but that's ok! You get so excited when you go potty. You throw yourself a little party and ask for high fives.

(1 year)

- You are becoming more and more comfortable around animals.
- You LOVE being outside and jumping and swimming.
- Your best friend is Tommy.
- You can count to 11, and then go start to go backwards.

(1 1/2 years)

- Your favorite foods are: black olives, blue berries, cheese, pizza, bananas, and watermelon.
- Your newest obsession is pink milk(strawberry).
- You love to play your puzzles on your iPod.
- You know most of your shapes, all your body parts, but having issues with colors.

(2 years)

- You know almost all animal sounds, and if you don't know what it really says, you just make something up. (Examples: turtle and penguins say swimmy swimmy, and shrimp say tickle tickle).
- You are having issues with sleep. You fight us to go down no matter how tired you are(hardly in bed before 10), and then you wake sometime between 2-4 almost every morning!
- You know that green means go and red means stop, and you tell me in the car what to do at the upcoming light.
- One of the silliest things you do is to put your socks on your hands! You started doing this when you were younger, but you continue to still do it and still find it funny.

(2 1/2 years)

You amaze me more and more everyday. I can't remember what life was like before you, and I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for your future!

Love always,



Oh the places you'll sleep

I guess when the urge for a nap hits Kyndall, it doesn't matter where she is, what she's doing, or what she's wearing. She'll just lay down and fall asleep.

Example A: She was mad I wouldn't let her have all her floss so she laid down in the floor for her fit. We let her be, and next thing we know, we find her like this. She slept about an hour.

Example B: She was watching her daddy play a game, and got tired. She laid down and went to sleep over his arm.

Example C: I'm not real sure how she ended up in this position, but I came home from work one day and found her like this.

Example D: I was working on laundry(hence the winter hat) and Kyndall was playing. She got quiet and I found her asleep, in her toy box.

Oh to be 2 again and be able to sleep anywhere, at any time.

This little girl cracks me up.


Art time with Kyndall

So this summer, I am off on Wednesday's from work. I am trying to find things to fill the day with a very active toddler that doesn't nap during the day if she's not at school.

This week, I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I decided to let Kyndall have at it with the paint. I didn't know how she'd do with free range, so we stripped her down and put her in a diaper. I'm glad we did!

She started out pretty tame and was painting the paper.

Shortly after that though, she decided her toes needed to be painted, so she painted them. One foot purple, the other red and brown.

After her toes, I guess she decided her nose needed to be painted! (This was also the only thing she remembered because today at school, she told everyone she painted her nose.)

At this point, I just told her to have fun and go for it. She took full advantage!

Not sure how she managed it, but she painted her back as well!

Afterwards, she was immediately taken to the bath!

Not sure what we'll do next week, but I can almost guarantee it will not involve paint. Oh well, every day is an adventure! One day she'll look back, and (I hope) think, man that was fun!



This year, we got a bigger pool than we have ever gotten. Its big enough for all 3 of us to get in at once, and still have room to move around.

Kyndall absolutely loves going swimming in the back yard. I'm hoping she enjoys it even more after lessons, which start the 27th.

See how much fun she has!

One of her favorite things to do is play with the hose when we add more water to the pool. She likes to spray anyone who will get close enough to her for her to get. Daddy was the target on this day!

We normally go out and swim at least one to two times a week. Hopefully Kyndall will continue to love the water and enjoy swimming later in life!


Father's Day

We didn't do anything super big for Father's Day, but we did get Chad a cookie and a gift.

Here's Chad and Kyndall seeing the cookie for the first time. I think Kyndall was saying, "YUMMM!"

Kyndall and Daddy!

Chad's cookie. It says "My Daddy Saves Lives!" His cup has the star of life on one side and his name on the other. (I got the cup from Whimsical Crafts.)

I could not have asked for a better daddy for Kyndall! He is wrapped around her little finger, and the love they have for each other is beyond measure. He paints her nails, gets her dressed, and brushes her hair. I mean, how many other little girls have a daddy that will do that for them?

We also Skyped with my parents. Kyndall LOVED getting so see Grandma and Grandpa.

She was so upset when we had to say bye. I'm sure she'll be so excited when we get to see them in person next month!