AWANAs- Puggles

Well, the photo loader thing decided to start working again, so enjoy these!

Our church does a program called AWANAs on Wednesday nights. One of the club directors asked me back in October to help out in the Sparks(K-2nd). I said I would, and I started taking Kyndall to Puggles(2 and 3 year olds). She absolutely LOVED it! As soon as she saw me in my Sparks shirt, she knew it was time for Puggles. She'd even run down the halls of the church leading us to her room.

Well, the program is taking a break for the summer, but before they did, we had a small program to show the parents what the kids learned and how much they accomplished.

The Puggles learn the very basic things like: God made the flowers. God loves me. God wants us to help others. They also learned songs.

Here are some pictures from Kyndall's program.

If you're happy and you know it, you're face will surely show it!

The Puggles!

No one knew for sure what Kyndall was saying, but any time the microphone came near, she had something to say!

I'm in the Lord's Army. YES SIR!!

Because of her age, she will do Puggles again when we start back up in the fall, but I don't think she'll mind! She had a blast, and I can't wait to see what God has in store for her in the future.



Well, I had every intention of putting pictures in this entry, but the picture uploader thing is being stupid and isn't uploading any. :( Oh well...

The zoo closest to us recently got 2 bears so we decided that since we hadn't taken Kyndall to the zoo in almost a year, we'd go. However, finding a weekend that was open was the hard part, but we finally did! We got a slow start that morning, but we finally made it.

The first thing we stopped and saw where the otters. One was sleeping, but the other was swimming around. I, personally, could have stayed there all day and watched them swim, but a busy 2 year old had other plans!

We saw the fish and ducks, which we fed. It amazes me that the fish food still costs the same amount as when I was little and my parents took me to the zoo. I do believe Kyndall's favorite was the bears, the cheetahs, and the penguins. Her least favorite, the goats and the parrots.

Before we left, we stopped in the gift shop. Chad got coasters with bears on them as an early Father's Day gift, and Kyndall got a zebra shirt and mask set and new rubber duck animals.

We had a good time, and I'm sure there will be plenty of zoo trips in our future!


Kyndall's first stage apparence

Kyndall had her first ever school program on May 19th. She did so good! I was a little worried that she'd cry or just sit there and do nothing, but I was totally wrong! She was amazing.

They sang 3 songs and then did one with rhythm sticks.

"If you're happy and you know it, say amen!"

Here she is with her rhythm sticks:

Here are all the kiddo's in the 2 year old classes. They all did so good, and there were no tears from any of them!!

Afterwards, we had cookies and punch. She enjoyed that too.

Here she is with her best friend!

She will have another one in December for Christmas. Which I'm hoping my parents can come down for.


We Marched for Babies

So while my team kinda fell apart last minute, Kyndall and I went out and marched for babies.

Our team raised over $650! Not quite our goal, but oh well, it all goes towards a good cause.

I'm not really sure how many people were there, but there were a lot!


Kyndall rode in her stroller for the most part, but she finally decided she wanted to walk and push it for a couple of minutes.

Here we are after! Enjoying hot dogs and ice cream!

I am planning on doing it again next year, and we WILL have a team, and we WILL have shirts!

Thank you to all who donated!


We March Saturday

This weekend, we March for Babies. This is our 3rd year to do this, and I'm excited about it. I even have a friend and her 2 year old daughter are coming from Dallas to march with us.

This is the first year I signed up as a family team. Team Kyndall set the goal of $1000. We didn't reach that goal, but we did raise $677, which I think is pretty good for a first time family team. I mean I know there are other family teams out there that raise a ton more, but I'm not in a competition with them for anything. We're all raising money for the same thing and every dollar helps.

Thank you to those who donated, and Team Kyndall hopes to see you continue to donate year after year.


Bad luck...

So we have hit a sting of bad luck when it comes to cars...

First off, Friday night, we went to go grocery shopping, and my car wouldn't start, wouldn't turn over, absolutely nothing! Sunday we hooked it up to a battery charger to see if maybe it was the battery. After hours of being on the charger...still nothing. We have no clue know what it is. We can't even put it in neutral to get it out of the garage.

Then this morning, we were all in Chad's truck on the way to take him to school so I could go to a funeral and work. However, we were rear ended in the process. Now, we're in the process of talking with the insurance company, the adjuster, and doctors.

Yep, we can't catch a break...