Popple Loves

Today makes the 2 year anniversary since Popple went to be our Lord. 

BigK has been missing him a lot recently, so we made a point to go out to the cemetery. She drew him a picture, and we sent it to Heaven.

LittleK has always been in a good mood, very calm, and well behaved when we go. Popple was excited for her to be born. He didn't get to meet her, but she will have piece of him with her forever in her name.

We love you and miss you Popple!


Baylor Visit

So during the summer, there is only one weekend when we plan on taking a mini vacay from the real world. This summer was no different.

BigK headed down to Central Texas a week before we did and spent with week with her grandparents down there. C, LittleK, and I headed down Friday after I got off work. 

Saturday was the annual Hicks Family Reunion. Then after it was over, we loaded up and headed to Waco. What would a trip to Baylor be without a visit to the bear pit?

(Check out LittleK standing!)

We went back to campus Sunday to do a little more walking around. Of course, we had to get BigK's annual picture with Judge Baylor.

LittleK absolutely LOVED this swing. It was a full on melt down when we put her back in the stroller.

Next summer will be no different, but hopefully LittleK will be able to run around rather than be pushed in the stroller.