Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, though I know there is probably only one person who read this(Hi Mom!)

We haven't been busy; we just haven't done anything blog worthy...So here are some pictures to help tide ya over until something big happens.

Our local high school's mascot is the Lobo, so since I'm a former Lobo(though once a Lobo, always a Lobo) Kyndall had to have a shirt. I've made them for her in the past, but I always seems to mess up the first one so I decided to buy a pre-made one this year. Here is her "Go Bobo" shirt!

The other day, Chad brought home dinner, and we decided to have a picnic in his truck. Well, Kyndall decided that she'd rather sit on top of daddy's truck!

I got Kyndall new PJs the other day. When I bought them, I didn't realize the glowed in the dark. Needless to say once she discovered the glowed, she was pretty funny to watch. It was so funny!


Pray for Rain

I'm sure many of you have heard, but fire is taking over the state of Texas. Thousands upon thousands of land has burned, houses destroyed, hundreds displaced. Pray for mercy for the firefighters and for rain to help them out. Thanks!

The top picture is of plumes of smoke from one of the fires.

The bottom was taken in from my front yard.

Pray for rain for the state of Texas.


Sic 'em Bears!

Last night Baylor and TCU played the first football game of the season.

My boss is a TCU alum, and if you've read back, you know I'm a Baylor alum. My boss and I had talked about going to the game together, but with it being on a Friday night it was difficult. Our solution? Have a football watch party! It was my family, my boss, and another family. My boss was outnumbered! She was the only one rooting for TCU.

We provided the meal, and she provided the dessert. Isn't this cookie super cute? Of course the person who cut the cookie decapitated the cheerleaders with the first cut...Oh well, either way it was still yummy!

Did you watch the game? Did you see the final score? Well if you didn't, you missed a good game! The last quarter was a nail bitter! However, the final score was Baylor 50, TCU 48. That's right, Baylor beat #14ranked TCU in the season opener! Baylor fans around the country were very happy last night!

Here we are cheering on the Bears!!

Sic 'em Bears!