Lost in the Corn...

We had some friends come this weekend and go to the pumpkin patch and corn maze in the next town over.

Here is what the maze looks like from the air. It is an oil derrick. It was divided into to parts, which is good because I think that if it was only one big maze, we'd still be wandering around, lost in the corn...

The picture above was obviously taken before the drought and the super hot summer and fall! Here we are in the corn, we had just started out so we weren't frustrated yet. HA!

Here is Kyndall and her buddy Connor playing around the hay and pumpkins. It was a super cute photo opt, but the kids weren't having it! They were more interested in the tree or the pumpkins to sit still long enough to take pictures.

We barely got out of the maze and to the cars before the storm hit! We were under tornado watches and warnings for the remainder of the evening and all of the next day. It was pretty crazy!


Toddler Tuesday

I told you I would post about getting together with friends on Tuesday, so here it is!

Saturday afternoon, we got together with a couple of friends of mine and their toddlers. It was super fun and good to see Stacy and Angela again. However, trying to get three little ones who will all be 2 in mid to late December to take a picture together is quite tricky!

Here is the best one of all 3. L to R: Kyndall, Gabby, Connor.

Apparently Connor had something interesting to say to Kyndall, and she listened rather intently too!

That same night, we met up with the families from earlier and one other family for dinner.
Needless to say the waiter had his hands full with 6 adults, 4 toddlers(all will be 2 in December), 2 tweens, and 1 infant. We had fun, made a minimal mess on the floor, and only had 1 or 2 meltdowns the whole time so I think all in all, it wasn't so bad!
Here is the whole group!

Here are the mommas and Gabby girl!
Here are the mommas and all the kidd-o's!

Yes, Ellen(the one on the far left) is very pregnant is this picture, but she delivered yesterday afternoon.
It was great to get together with friends and get out of our boring town, even if it was only for one night!


Happy 30th!

Today is the day that my parents got married. 30 years ago. Isn't that AMAZING! I sure think so!


Somethings Fishy!

Saturday morning, we woke up super early and headed to Dallas for the weekend. We went to the aquarium, got together with friends(which I'll post about later, probably Tuesday), and then did some shopping Sunday at the Galleria.

Here are some pictures from the aquarium.

Family shot in front of the waterfall!

Kyndall and Daddy in the tunnel looking at the fish swimming over them.

Kyndall getting a closer look at the flamingos. She even tried to stand on one leg like they do, but we didn't get that on camera.

Kyndall really wanted to touch the waterfall by the penguins!

All in all we had a good time at the aquarium. Kyndall got to see lots of fish and turtles, and we got to stand inches away from manatees, which are amazing creatures!


Happy Birthday!

So yesterday was Chad's birthday! He turned 27. Wow! Only 3 years left and he'll be 30. That's pretty crazy if you ask me. I remember thinking that 25 was old, and now I've gone beyond that and just think that 30 is insane!

Here are some pictures from the fun!

My pathetic decorations:

Kyndall helped Daddy blow out the candles on his cake!

Then she helped him open his gift.

We got him the Star of Life EMS bible.

After we did cake and gave him his gift, we went to eat with his grandfather at a local seafood place. It was pretty good. We had never been there before, but we may not go back unless its a super special event!


The things you say

Oh, the things you say when you teach 2 year olds...

- Don't stand/lay on the table.
- The table isn't for jumping.
- Get out of the baby bed.
- Get your finger out of your nose.
- Get you finger out of his/her nose.
- Get your hand out of your diaper.
- Yes, your poop is brown, but that doesn't mean you paint with it.
- Don't like the mirror.
- Sit on your bottom.
- Put your shoe on.
- Sit down.
- Your applesauce isn't for painting the table.
- Eat your lunch.
- Don't throw your corn.
- Don't sit on the basket.
- Got out of the box.

And that was just today!

The wonder and amazement of 2 year olds never ceases to amaze me!


Pumpkin Patch

Saturday Chad and Kyndall went to the Pumpkin Patch at a church in the next city over while I worked at a local Christmas show. From what they told me, they had fun and got to see some aunts and cousins they hadn't seen in a while.

Here are a few pictures of Kyndall checking things out and picking out her pumpkin.

They also went on a hayride.
Kyndall has decided that her pumpkin is a ball though so we put it up where she can't reach it so she doesn't break it.