Between the Lines Giveaway

Kel over at Between the Lines is doing another giveaway.

This time its for Giggle Junction. They have some super cute things including a turtle hide and seek bag.

Want a chance to win too? Head on over to Between the Lines and find out how!

Friendly Friday

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I won!!

Remember when I posted about the giveaways a while back?

Well, I won! BOTH OF THEM!! I hardly ever win anything and then to get word two days in a row that I had won, I was almost in complete shock!

This is what I won from Katie's blog. It was created just for Kyndall by a Tiny Bit More. Isn't it super cute?!

The other giveaway that I won, was a $20 gift certificate to Roslyn's Closet from Between the Lines. After much deliberation, I finally decided on getting Kyndall this monogram shirt. Of course it will have her initials on it and be the girl design. I can't wait to see what it will look like!

Thoughtless Thursday

I know its late, but hey, better late than never, right?
Thursday's mean "Thoughtless Thursday" over at Life in the Fulmer Lane!
Today, I thought I'd show some pictures of my sweet girl dancing! She loves music and loves to dance!
This picture is Kyndall mid-spin while listening to Brad Paisley!

This is Kyndall rocking back and forth to the beat of Moose and Zee's song on Nick Jr.

I know it looks like her pants are falling off, and they are, but give her a break(lol) they are size 9 months! We normally put a belt on her, but we didn't that night.


Show us your life- Hometown

This week over at Kelly's Korner, shes doing Show us your Life Hometown Edition!

My hometown is pretty boring most of time time, but Longview is pretty decent. If you've never heard of Longview, that is perfectly normal, we're just a small town in East Texas. Our population is probably around the 78-80,000 mark...

Maybe one of the most interesting things about Longview, is that the bank was robbed by the Dalton Gang on May 23, 1894. The bank is now the city museum, which growing up in Longview is a field trip that you take every year for about 3 years...They also celebrate the robbery every year by having a reenactment of it called Dalton Days. I went once, and it may be something we take Kyndall too, once, when shes a little older.

Another thing that's cool about Longview, is the Great Texas Balloon Race held every July. Its so fun to watch the balloons float across the sky. They have live bands and food and games. I'm hoping we can take Kyndall this year to it. Chad and I have not been since we've been together, and that'll be 7 years this July!

Longview is also home to the Longview Lobos! Longview High School is the biggest high school in town, with close to 2000 students. I was a Lobo from 1998-2002. Our football is pretty good and the band is amazing!

Every year in June, we have what we call Alley Fest. Its an annual art show that features local and out of town artists, bands, and other venues. They call it Alley Fest because some of the shops are set up in the alleys of down town.

Well, I hope you enjoyed you're tour of Longview.


Friday Follow

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Thoughtless Thursday

Its time for Thoughtless Thursday over at Life in the Fulmer Lane!

For today's entry, I decided to do a flashback picture.

This is Kyndall, one year ago, after her first tasting of green beans! As you can tell, she enjoyed them.



Have you heard of SwagBucks? I hadn't until just last week. I had seen things about them on Facebook from my cousin, and one day I got curious and clicked on it.

Its a free way to earn "bucks" and shop online. You can earn them by just doing normal online searches, answering daily polls, reading their blog, or following them on Twitter.

They have what they call the Swag Store where you use your swagbucks to buy things.

You should check it out! Just click right here!

Search & Win


Wordless Wednesday


Ok, so if you have followed be for any amount of time, you know that I have a little girl, and I LOVE cute custom things for her!

So when I saw this giveaway from Katie at Life in the Fulmer Lane I couldn't pass it up!

How cute are those?! Want to enter? Head on over to Katie's blog and find out more!


Picture Me Monday

Saturday, we participated in the March of Dimes March for Babies. "One day all babies will be born healthy, but we have to walk to get there."

As an individual walker, I raised $429, which sounded like a lot until there were other individual walkers who raised over $1000! Oh well, $429 is better than nothing!

Here's Kyndall ready for the walk! Rice cake in hand and poster at foot! On the poster is some of the NICU grads we know.

Look at all those people! There were over 600 people who came out to march for healthy babies!

Here's Kyndall after the walk. She's sporting her plastic hardhat! She wasn't so excited about it, but oh well...

I'm already thinking about next year. My goal: A team, team shirts, and a team goal of $1000, which I think is totally doable since one person can do it!


Friday Follow

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Thoughtless Thursday

Thursday's mean "Thoughtless Thursday" at Life in the Fulmer Lane!

This week's picture is from this morning! Kyndall and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and the fact that we were out and about, and had a picnic lunch at Sonic. She sat like a big girl in her chair and ate a corn dog, apples, and drank her milk.

The main reason why we did a picnic lunch is because she was super tired, but I had to keep her awake so she'd take a nap at school! Hopefully she'll nap! HA!


Picture Me Monday

The other day, I went to the back and thought Kyndall had followed me, well, she didn't. When I came back up to the living room, this is where I found her. Sitting in her toy box. She wanted her computer. I'm not sure how she was able to climb in, but she certainly was happy about it! HA.


16 Months!

My dear Kyndall! It is so hard to believe that you are 16 months old!
What are you up to these days?
  • You weigh 19lbs 4oz.
  • You are about 29-30inches tall.
  • You can still wear size 2-3 diapers
  • You wear some 3-6 month, but have moved up to 6-9 month clothes!
  • You LOVE to be outside and run, but you're not such a big fan of the dogs.
  • You can say lots of words! Momma, mommy, dada, daddy, milk, ball, here, bye, hi, whoa, yes, no, something that sounds like please, DC(one of the dog's name), look, whats that, side(outside), blastoff, ohhh, and a few more.
  • I can put your hair in a pony tail! And amazingly, you sit still long enough for me to do it.
  • You have started "talking" on the phone.
  • You're newest thing is climb on the couch and build a pillow fort around you(see picture above)
  • You got a new crib
  • You really like your teacher at school, Ms. Stephanie, but I really think Mrs. Mary(baby room teacher) is your favorite!
  • You are in a phase were you don't want to eat a whole lot at any one time.
  • You have discovered cereal bars and rice cakes!


Kyndall's new bed

Yep, Kyndall got a new crib today...After 16 months of life, and 14 1/2 months of sleeping in it, we had to get a new one...Why? Because of a HUGE crib recall. No, ours wasn't a drop side crib, but this recall had nothing to do with the sides, but more of the mattress support.

I was feeling a little sentimental this morning so I had to get a few last pictures of Kyndall in her first bed!

Here she is this afternoon in her new crib! After spending 3 hours at Burlington(fighting and trying to get what we were looking for to replace everything we had to take in due to the recall...) and about 30-45 minutes of putting it together.
She looks so little in it! The main reason for that is because we put the mattress on the lowest setting(because shes starting to jump and climb a little) and the railing is taller than the last.

Hopefully there won't be another recall that includes this crib! The one we went through was enough!