Kinda like the last post, Kyndall had her end of the year program for AWANAs. She did Puggles again this year, but next year, she'll be a Cubbie.

I teach in the Sparks so I had to be there too.

She did throw a little fit when it was time to go to her teachers, but by the time it was her turn on stage, the tears were gone.

Next year will be a whole new adventure. Cubbies comes with a vest, a book, and verses to learn! I'm sure she'll do great, and most importantly, she's learning about the bible, scripture, and her Creator.


End of the year 2012

Well, its that time of the year again. The time where the school year comes to an end and the kids have their end of the year program. 

Kyndall did a great job. She sang, she danced, and she smiled!

Her beloved teacher, Ms. Nell!

Her best friends. Aidan and Tommy.



It's been a long 5 semesters, but Chad has done it. He's graduated!! Now all he has to do is pass his national test, and he will be a full fledged paramedic in the state of Texas!

We're so proud!



Well, I know I haven't blogged in a while. Sorry about that. We have just been up to our normal routine. Work, school, clinicals so nothing super exciting going on there.

However, Kyndall has some BIG news! 

She's going to be a BIG SISTER! This little one is due at the beginning of December, but will come towards the end of November because it'll be a repeat c-section.

I have had a sono and know that there is only 1 little bean. I go back on Monday for my next appointment.