Final Day- day 5

The last day we were there was a short day. We had to get back on the road to head back home, but we had a couple of things still on our list that we wanted to see and do.

Proof that C and I did actually go on this trip, and it wasn't just Kyndall and Uncle Mikey!

We had somehow made it to the last day, and we had not seen Mickey and Minnie. What's a trip without seeing them?! We waited in line for about 45min to see them, but the look on Kyndall's face made it all worth it.

 We had also heard about the Harmony Barber Shop that will do haircuts. We bit the bullet and got Kyndall her first haircut.

 One last picture before we head home!

We plan on going back in early December 2015, when the baby is 3. We'll plan both of the girls' birthdays down there since we'll go between the two.


Hollywood Studios- day 4

Our last full day was spent at Hollywood Studios. I think it was one of Kyndall's favorite parks.

However, before we headed to the park, we started the day off at breakfast...with a stick horse race. Thanks Uncle Mikey for the lift!

One of the very first things we did, was head over to the Disney Junior area for the show. Little did we know that we'd run into Jake and Handy Manny! She was super excited to meet them!

Watching Sharky and Bones during the Disney Junior show.

With the ONLY Doc McStuffins thing we could find in the whole of Disney World.

I guess it's almost impossible to spend as long as we did at Disney and not get rained on. Pretty sure my parents have a picture like this of our family when my brother and I were little.

Meeting Phineas and Ferb, which she spent about 24 hours asking to see. We got lucky that they were even there since it was raining, but they moved indoors so we got to see them.

Epcot- Day 3

Well, day 3 was spent at Epcot.

We started the day by hunting for C and mine's plaque thing that we bought on our honeymoon. It took us a little while, but we found it! A part of us will forever be at Disney World.

One of the biggest attractions for Kyndall at Epcot, was the water pads. I think she played in this one for about 20 minutes and didn't pass up the chance to play in the other water.

We stopped at the Living Seas. Kyndall LOVES watching the fish and other sea animals swim. Here she is with 2 HUGE manatees.

Kyndall and Uncle Mikey got ate by Bruce! Apparently fish are friends, but people aren't.

See, more water play. This time at the jumping waters.

Meeting "Sweeping Booty." Kyndall saw her put her hair behind her ear and asked her to do the same. Kyndall talked the rest of the day about how Sweeping Booty "fixed" her hair.


Animal Kingdom- Day 2

On Monday, we headed to the Animal Kingdom.

First stop, the safari. It was a good thing we went early because the animals, all but the lions, were up and active and walking around. Even the hippos were out swimming. We had to stop the car on more than one occasion to let animals walk in front. The rhino got so close that C could have almost touched it if he really wanted to.

Having fun at one of the photo stops.

Riding the flying dinos. (Much like Dumbo)

Not sure why, but she really wanted her picture taken with this dino.

We ate lunch with Mickey and Daisy!

The aftermath of a Mickey ice cream on a stick.


Magic Kingdom Characters and Princess makeover

The one thing that C got to pick for Father's Day, was where we ate breakfast. He and I ate at 1900 Park Fare on our honeymoon, and we both really liked it so he decided to go back.

Kyndall enjoyed eating with and seeing "The Hatter" as she calls him and Mary Poppins.

During the dance party, some of the characters got off the floats to dance in the streets. Kyndall got lucky enough to dance with Frozone from The Incredibles.

And of course, Kyndall's most anticipated person to meet, Tinkerbell! She was so excited and was all smiles the whole time they were together.

We decided to let Kyndall do the princess makeover. She got a new dress, her hair, nails, and makeup done.

Getting Pixie Dust.

The final product!

After her makeover, we raced over to Epcot for dinner with the princesses.

Kyndall and Snow White.

With Cinderelli.

Magic Kingdom- Day 1

So on Father's Day, C spent the day making his little girl's dreams come true by taking her to see the big castle, Tinkerbell, and become a princess!

Almost as soon as we walked in, there was a parade. We really couldn't go anywhere so we stopped and watched. Kyndall got so excited to get her first look at the characters. (I plan on doing just a post of her with some of her favorite characters so they won't be in the daily report.)

For months before the trip, all she talked about was riding the "flyyyying elephant" with Uncle Mikey. So, what did we have to make sure we got done? A ride on Dumbo of course! And she rode with Uncle Mikey. She couldn't stop smiling the whole time.

Sneak peak into her princess transformation!

Welcome to Disney!

Well, after 2 days on the road, a breakfast with friends in Jackson, MS, a trip to the beach, and 1000 miles, we made it to Disney World! 

We got checked into our resort, the All Star Music, and by the time we made it to our room, Mickey had made a special stop and dropped off some welcome gifts. Kyndall had 2, and C and I had one as well.

We had gone to the doctor the Wednesday before our Saturday arrival to Disney, and the sono tech was able to find out what we are having. However, C and I decided to not find out then. Instead we had our nurse call my mom, and she called our resort so we could find out at Disney World. The news you may ask? It's a GIRL! Name to be revealed later.

Kyndall's princess crown from Snow White and Cinderelly!

Mickey and Minnie got her a pink hat and a princess Minnie.

Kyndall with the "big drums" right down from our room.

She was super excited to go and to be there. However, when it came time to leave, she wasn't so happy about that.


The Beach

On June 15, we left at 3:48AM to head to Florida for a week of fun and Disney World!

First stop though, the beach! Kyndall has never been and it's been years since any of us had gone last. She LOVED it. All she wanted to do was go to the water, but we did get her to play in the sand some too, which she liked as well.

Going to go look for sea shells.

Uncle Mikey and momma buried her. We tried to make her look like a mermaid, but she wasn't still enough.

Watching the waves come in.

Where did my legs go?!

I hope that we can go back again. She enjoyed it, and it was fun to do something different than just a pool.