Happy Halloween

We didn't do the traditional Trick or Treating tonight. Instead C and Gma took Big K to our church's Trunk or Treat. Which was way more fun than sitting at home waiting for the few trick or treaters that came by the house. In all, we ended up with 4 kiddos in about 3 hours.

Snow White, meet Snow White. These two girls are about 3 1/2 months apart and are pretty good friends.

Big K with 2 of her favorite people!

Sharp shooter- ok, so C had to help her out some, but I bet she had fun either way.

What Trunk or Treat wouldn't be complete without a ride home eating a snow cone?


Field Trip!

Today, Big K got to go on her very first field trip! Part of my was super excited for her, and the other part was a little sad. I was sad because, if I weren't on bed rest, I would have been able to go with her. Not just go with her, but get to drive the bus that she got to ride for the first time as well. Oh well, there will be other field trips, and I thank Gma for being up for going! I can know that a field trip with about 30 three through five year olds can be exhausting. They went to a local church that had a pumpkin patch.

Here she is with her best friend, T!

On the hayride.

Barrel train ride with B. Gma told me she was on the only one who rode backwards, and after seeing other pictures, she was the only one backwards, but she was also in the only car that didn't have 3 kids in it.

Going through the little maze they had set up. Big K told me all about this when she got home.

Her class at the pumpkin patch.

Snack time!

This kid LOVES bounce houses.

First ever bus ride!


Fall Fest

Gma took Big K to a couple of fall fests yesterday. Here is a look at the 2nd one she went to.

Yes, I know, Big K is supposed to be in her Snow White costume, but there were bounce houses and hay, and I really didn't want her doing those things in that costume since it was pretty expensive, and it came from Disney World during her Princess Makeover. So we decided that she'd be a Baylor cheerleader since they were playing.

Facepaint! True fan. We got to start 'em young, and raise 'em right, right?

Cake Walk

She won!


She adores Happy the Clown! Although, she calls him Silly clown for whatever reason, but either way she was super excited to see him. He as at the first fall fest they had gone to as well.

Thanks Gma for taking Big K out today! I know it was tiring, but I know she had more fun going than she would have staying at home.

Little K's room

Well, if you remember last week, C and Big K and Gma put together the crib. (You don't? Well, here it is.) Once we got that together, we were able to get the rest of the room done. Gma is still residing in there, and Gpa will join her closer to Christmas. However, Little K probably won't make the transition to her room for a while, but it sure is nice knowing that other than finding a new cover for the twin bed, maybe a few odds and ends, and making a cover for the new rocking chair cushion, the room is done!

We were going to get a new lamp shade for an old lamp, but I never saw one that I really liked. Gma found this one, and I think it goes pretty well with the room. One of my coworkers made the pink cross above the dress (remember that redo?), and I think it matches perfectly!

Diaper cake from the shower on top of the armoire.

Window valance and bow holder. Don't worry, she'll have plenty of bows on it soon! I need to go through Big K's and move some of her smaller ones over.

Looking from the dresser towards crib,

These letters are super cute, and I must throw out a HUGE Thank You to C for doing them because I know he was about ready to throw them out the window.

This table was in my grandparents house and is from the 1960's. We refinished it was well as the rocker that was in my nursery, and Big K's.

A cute little castle above the door for Princess #2.


Friday Funday

Well yesterday turned out to be a rather busy one!

Originally, my doctor's appointment was set for 2:15, but about 9:20, I got a phone call asking if I could come in at 11. They said they would try to move my BPP up. I had no problem going in at 11. I mean, what else do I have going on? We got there, and come to find out my doctor had 3 people in labor and wasn't sure she'd be able to make it to the afternoon appointment. Totally fine with me. My appointment went well, and we had no changes, which is what we hope for. However, they could not move my BPP up, so we went back at 1:45. Little K was being a little lazy and needed a little buzz to get her going. She woke up, did what she needed to, and back to sleep she went. Good news(finally at 34w4d): She is now head down! Because she is head down, I am feeling her in places that I hadn't before, when she was folded in half in the frank breech position.

Last night, we had a little Halloween party. (I went, I ate, and I sat. That was all anyone would let me do, which is probably good cause I would have probably done more if I could.) Not much, but we knew Big K would have fun. We started about 45 minutes before the party on the Snow White transformation. C spray painted her hair black. When she finally saw herself, she couldn't stop laughing.

Big K as Snow White!

The snack we took. Thanks Pinterest!

Batman, Superman, Snow White, and Batman's little sister. :o) LOVE these kids!

Last year, Big K went as Tinkerbell, and C did a Tinkerbell pumpkin. So, this year we figured, she was going as Snow White, why not do a Snow White pumpkin? I told C that next year should be interesting because we'll have to do 2 pumpkins, and this is probably the last year that we'd get to pick Big K's costume!



My MIL was very gracious and bought us the crib that we wanted.

On Monday, C and Big K went to pick it up, and then came home and put it together.

Big K is so excited about about Little K coming. She wants to help with every project we do that has anything to do with sister. Big K has to talk to sister almost every day, and give my belly hugs, kisses, and "eskinose" every night before bed.

 I pray this excitement continues once Little K is here!


Baby Shower

My best friend started planning this shower the day I told her I was pregnant. Pretty sure she had it completely planned within a week with the exception of the colors.

Lots of yummy pink food!

Kids table.

Big K got in on the gift opening portion. She was so excited to see all the new things for sister.

Big K even got in on the gift receiving. This shirt is from Mimi, but a couple of other people got her something special as well.

Homemade bow holder. Super cute!

My wonderful hostesses.

We had a really fun time, got some things we need and some fun cutsie things as well. Now, all we need is baby.


Pumpkin Glow

This year, one of the local home decor/craft stores held its 2nd annual Pumpkin Glow. It's a pretty neat thing. The local schools design and create pumpkin creations, the store has different things set up for the kids to do, and they get to wear their costumes.

I took Big K last year, but I wasn't able to this year. However, Grandma was willing to take her, so she still got to go. They met up with Big K's best friend and his family.

Here's what I'm assuming is Batman showing Snow White the pumpkin alligator.

Batman and Snow White photo ops!

These 2 have been friends since the womb, and I hope that their friendship continues for a very long time. His mom and I have known each other since we were super little as well, and we still like each other, so there's a good chance these 2 will.


33 weeks

7 weeks left! Crazy, right?

I really don't have to much of an update this week. Things went really well this week. Little K decided to cooperate during the NST and showed the accelerations they look for, and we were done in about 20 minutes.

Yesterday during the BPP, she did everything she needed to do in about 5 minutes, which is the fastest she's ever completed one. She is still very much folded in half though in the frank breech position, and is showing no real signs of turning. We really aren't worried about the breech position since I'm having a repeat c-section, but we are starting to get concerned with possible hip problems she could possibly have from being in this position for so long. I guess we'll just cross that bridge when we get there.

Today was just a routine appointment. Everything looked good, Little K's heart rate was good, and we're on track for making it to full term, but still realizing that things can change in a matter of days like they did with Big K. I also got my flu shot today. Man is my arm sore!

Baby shower on Saturday!

33weeks 3days