Picture Me Monday

Kyndall just seconds old! Dec. 30, 2008

This wasn't taken today, but it is about the most current picture I have of Kyndall...Here she is at just a couple of days shy of 11 months old trying to get all the puffs! Nov. 25, 2008.
I can't believe that my sweet little Kyndall is 11 months old!
What has she been up to?
~ She has 6 teeth. 4 on top and 2 on the bottom
~ She hates baths now...
~ She eats table food like its going out of style, but surprisingly will still eat baby food
~ Shes still nursing and still going strong!
~ She is wearing 3-6 month clothes and size 2-3 diapers
~ She is standing pretty well on her own
~ She can cruise along furniture, walk well with her push toy and holding on to fingers, but still prefers crawling as her main mode of "transportation" next to being carried
~ She is sleeping(for the most part) through the night and doing pretty well with CIO at night.
~ She now weighs pretty close to 17lbs, if not a little more and stands tall at 27 inches- that's a whole 10 inches taller than she was at birth!


Turkey Day and Black Friday

Kyndall really enjoyed the cranberry sauce.
And the mashed potatoes.

But wasn't sure about the cranberry sauce with the first bite.

Our table. I made the green bean casserole, corn casserole, and the baked mac and cheese, and I have to say, it was pretty yummy!

I also think that my Black Friday shopping was a success. Chad had some money put aside for shopping, and Popple didn't turn down the chance for us to get get Kyndall's gift from him.
I had originally planned on going to Toys R Us at midnight when they opened, but we got to looking at the ad and realized that the main gift we wanted to get didn't go on sale until 5. Therefore, I went at 4:30. I got everything I went in for and then some. I got a ball pit, a sofa, a Little Einsteins Transform and Go Rocket, a pack a pacis, and a travel snack cup (not this exact one but one like it). All for less than $62!!!


Picture me Monday

My little family. My brother was nice enough to take some pictures of us yesterday, and this one is one of my favorites. I have always LOVED pictures of parents holding their child's hands and walking so now that I have a little one of my own, I had to get one.


Innocence of a child

Wouldn't it be nice to be a child again?

So innocent, so unaware of all the bad going on, not caring about what others are going to think.

To find pleasure in a simple plastic cup and a sock. To find standing at the back door watching the dogs play and the cars drive past so entertaining.

To have the faith that mom and dad will be there no matter what.

At almost 11 months old, Kyndall has no idea that the economy is doing so poorly. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all stop worrying about the problems and start focusing on the little things?


Yummy in my Tummy

Kyndall LOVES

bean and cheese tacos!


Are you ready

for Turkey day?

Kyndall is!


Letters to Kyndall

Dated May 11, 2008:

Well, its Mother's Day...Of all the days to find out that you're in there. Daddy and I have waited a long time for this day. I'm not sure what daddy is thinking right now, but I'm sure its a combo of excitement and anxiety- kinda like me. I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow to get an appointment to see how things are going.

This is daddy. I am so excited that you are in there and am so ready for you to come out.
Dated Nov. 3, 2008:
My dear Kyndall,
Well, its mommy. Since the last note I wrote you(the day we found out you were coming) we have seen you twice. The first time, you were our little peanut! The second time, we found out you're a girl, only after 30 min of trying to get you to open up. We also got to see your face-well, only half since you wouldn't move your hands!
The doctor says you sound good and healthy every time we go to see her.
Your daddy is so ready to meet you, and so am I. He is already watching out for you. He even bought you your first pair of shoes- little cowgirl boots! Daddy is even taking a class just for new daddies.
We know the grandparents are excited. Your Granny and Pawpa are already getting you things. So are Grandma and Grandpa.
Only 11 more weeks til we get to meet you, and we cannot wait.
Love always,


Picture Me Monday

"Daddy, what are you doing to me?" Taken in March 2009.


Time Flies

Kyndall is now 10 1/2 months old. That may not seem like a lot for some people, but for me, time has gone by way to fast! She has officially been a part of the outside world for longer than she spent in me growing.

Where did the time go?

Sometimes I wish I were still pregnant. Sometimes I wonder if we were really ready or if we were thrust into this whole parent thing too soon. However, I do think that in the last 10 1/2 months, I have learned a lot.

My mother has ordered Kyndall's birthday supplies; I have ordered the cake, and I have a friend making us a birthday tutu. (I'm sure she'll be the cutest 1 year old ever! But hey, I'm a bit bias!)

Chad and I are trying to figure out how we are going to make Christmas "Kyndall Proof." Where are we going to put the tree? Are we going to have to get child-safe ornaments? Oh, and Santa. I don't think we're going to like Santa. Not one bit. I tried to get Kyndall to look and talk to him yesterday, but she wasn't going to have anything to do with him. We will probably end up with one of those classic child sitting in Santa's lap screaming pictures, but at least she'll look cute in her Christmas tutu and shirt.

What are you doing or did you do with you tree for your child's first Christmas? How did your first Santa picture turn out?


We went to Carino's last night with Chad's grandfather, mom, and her husband. Kyndall ate penne and tomato sauce. She LOVED it! Want proof? Just take a look at these pictures. (sorry they aren't the best quality, they were taken with a phone)


I'm not just a mom...

...I'm a

jungle gym
punching bag
chew toy
crawl up drink dispenser
hair dresser
tickle monster
feet kisser

but in the end, all those things make me a mom to my sweet baby girl.


Picture Me Mondays Tuesday

This picture was taken in March 2009. It is a picture of my grandmother, my mother, me and Kyndall. It is a 4 generation picture and another thing we all have in common is our middle name: Elaine.


A girl and her daddy

I, Kyndall, decided to hack into mommy's blog and show you a few pictures of me with my daddy! I LOVE him sooooo much!

Walking with daddy in the leaves.

Daddy keeps me safe in the pool.

Daddy makes me laugh.

This is one of mommy's favorite pictures.

Daddy showing me off to everyone in the waiting room, moments after I was born!

(I am not sure why these were uploaded in reverse order)


Bucket List

So Chad and I watched the movie "The Bucket List" the other day for the first time. (I know, we're like 2 years behind.) It got me thinking and so I wanted to make one.

So here it is, in no particular order*:
Get married
Have a family
Go skydiving
Find a job that I LOVE
Graduate from college
Do something for someone else and not worry about getting credit for it or not
Go to Europe
Go bungee jumping

Well, I know there isn't much on it, but I'm sure I'll think of more later.

What are somethings on your "bucket list?"

*things in italics have been done*


Attempt at being creative

So this is my attempt at being creative and making Kyndall a cute outfit for Christmas pictures.

Here is a close up of the shirt.
Here's the tutu.

And here is the whole outfit. I will get more pictures once I get it on her!


Introducing: Wordless Wednesday's

(I stole this idea from MckMama. Normally, this will just be a picture and no words, hence the title Wordless Wednesdays)


God Answers Prayers

So as some of you know, today was my last day at Super 1.

I have been looking for a new job that would allow me to work M-F and have set hours that would allow me to pick Kyndall up from daycare. Well, this isn't a permanent job, but it is something that will bring in some income.

One of the teacher's at Kyndall's daycare is going on maternity leave pretty soon, and I am going to be the sub in that room until the normal teacher returns. It will be M-F 11-6. I won't be making as much per hour as I was at Super 1, but I am working more hours. Also, and this is the biggest blessing- Kyndall gets to go for FREE while I am working there. That means we get to "pocket" and extra $435 a month while I am there. Also, another blessing- since I will be working there through the holidays and into the new year probably, means that on days that they daycare is closed for the holidays, I don't have to worry about either finding a sitter or asking off.

This will allow me more time to look for something more concrete without stressing about living on one income.

Well, my creative juices were flowing tonight, and I made Kyndall a tutu for Christmas pictures. It turned out kinda cute! I learned how to make it by looking at this website. It was super easy! If you know how to tie knots, then you can do this! I am going to make one for a friend of mine's little one as well. I am also going to try to make a cute little shirt to go with the tutu by gluing a piece of ribbon onto the front of a onesie. I am going to have another friend make a bow using the same ribbon. (You can find her bows and things here.)


Introducing: Picture Me Mondays

Kyndall: 5 days old. We were going to see G-Gma, Aunt Cindy, and Uncle Chuck for the first time. We also had a couple of other aunts and cousins come over to meet the newest addition to the family! I LOVE this outfit. Chad also really likes this shirt. Too bad she can't wear it anymore, and we don't have it in a bigger size. :(


Bittersweet Symphony

Well, this is my last week at work. I have 7 hours left until I am not longer employed.

I was thinking tonight, while I was at work, that this is a bittersweet time in my life. I am excited about moving on and seeing what God has in store for me and what doors will be opened. However, I am scared because I don't know how long Chad and I can make it on his paycheck alone. Hopefully it won't take forever before I find a new job, one that I will be good at and enjoy.

Things that I won't miss about my job:
1) Rude customers
2) Customers who can't count or read the sign above the express lane stating "About 12 items or LESS"
3) People who think they are better than everyone else
4) Annoying opera music

Things I will miss about my job:
1) Customers whom I have gotten to know on a first name basis, know whats happening and are praying
2) A few key co-workers whom I have grown to love within the last 17 months
3) A steady income. (Hopefully this one won't last long, and I find a new job soon)

What do you not miss and/or miss about your old job? How long did it take you to find a new one?

Please continue to pray that God will open the door to a new job soon. Thanks!