well, its been a while so i thought I'd update...
i have gone back to the urologist for my post-op follow up. he said that on the x-ray he couldn't see anything, which means there are no stones more than 1mm in size! that means that whatever is left in the kidney should be small enough to pass without much if any pain at all and i should be able to do it on my own. my surgery went really well. he did say that i may have some lingering pain when a piece gets into a weird place, and could take up to 3 months before all pieces are out. i go back in august for my next appt to make sure no more stones have formed.
i have also gone back for my 6 week post partum appt with my OBGYN, and that appt went well too. she said my incision site looks good and healing properly. i asked her about a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section), but she said no. :( the main reason for that is because there is a small chance that my uterus could rupture during delivery because of the scar which has made it weaker. if it does rupture, there is nothing they can do at that point for baby and i could even bleed out. so my next baby will be born via c-section again.
i return to work this week, and it is really hard to think about. on one hand I'm ready to get back into a schedule, but on the other, I'm not ready to leave kyndall for so long. the longest i have been away from her was when i had my kidney surgery, but that wasn't as long as a work day.
we go back to her doctor march 3rd for her 2 month appt and first round of shots. i think as of now, shes about 7 and a half pounds.
thats all for now.


1 Month Old

WOW!! Where did the time go? Kyndall is one month old!

It is so hard to think that just a little over 4 weeks ago I gave birth to the most beautiful little girl in the entire world. However, by the time I had her, I was ready to leave the hospital. I was admitted December 26 and put on hospital bed rest to control by blood pressure after being diagnosed with preeclampsia and on home bed rest for 2 1/2 weeks.

As much as I wish I could have experienced real labor and been able to deliver vaginally, I am thankful to my doctor, Dr. Hutcheson, for giving me the chance to try at natural labor and having mine and Kyndall's health in mind when she made the decision to do a c-section.

Over the last month, Kyndall has changed in so many ways. She wasn't even 5 pounds at birth and is now over 6! She is still wearing preemie clothes and diapers but is outgrowing her preemie pj's that have footies in them. She is now able to wear newborn clothes without being swallowed by them.

She has had lots of visitors and has even been to Wal-Mart and the mall. However, she has some how not made it to Target. We'll have to fix that soon! We have made it to church only once, but we plan on fixing that soon, too. She had her first "play date" on her one month birthday, granted she slept through most of it, but it was good conversation for the parents. She has gone to Tyler to see daddy at work and some of mommy's friends.

She has rolled over from her tummy to her back twice but has yet to do it again. I have also gotten some real smiles and have heard her "laugh."

I pray that her second month is just as enjoyable and much more.