Cooking with Big K

Tonight I decided to let Big K cook dinner. Both courses. (She did have some help with dessert, but did most of it on her own.)

A few months back, I found a make your own pizza kit that has everything in it. 4 crusts, 4 packs of sauce, cheese, and pepperoni(though we always add more). Big K has enjoyed making them each time. I just open the packs and she goes to town.

Tonight's pizzas were very cheesy and pepperoni-y. They were yummy.

 While the pizzas were cooking, Gma and Big K made brownies!

Very excited.

Pouring the oil all by herself. Such a big girl.

Big K has gotten to do a lot of cooking since Gma came in. She helped make mac&cheese the other day. Pretty sure she's enjoying all this attention!


30 weeks

We made it to 30 weeks! Only 6 more til we reach our first goal. Been on MBR for 4 weeks. I have good days and bad days, but that's to be expected.

Here is a new bump picture- please don't mind the dirty mirror. 

We had our weekly appointment on Tuesday. We tried for a NST, but Little K just wasn't cooperating. We could only get a good reading for just a few minutes. Getting a full 30 min was going to be next to impossible. She did get the hiccups while on the monitor, and C and I couldn't help but laugh. Because we couldn't get a good strip, we headed to the sono. She was doing everything she needed to do, and was even practicing her breathing as soon as we got in.

We also finally got a good face shot. She's still in the frank breech position, but her feet are to the side instead of directly in front of her face. You can see her leg to the side and her foot just above her head.

Back on Tuesday.


Almost 30 weeks and some 3 year old fun

Well, I am almost 30 weeks. Will be as of tomorrow. Wednesday will mark 4 weeks of modified bed rest. Very thankful this has not become strict bed rest, but I know that at any given moment it could be.

I had an appointment and our first BPP on Thursday. Little K was a movin' and a groovin', but she decided to wait until minute 26 of 30 to show us she could practice breathing. Little stinker. She's proving to be stubborn, just like her big sister. My appointment went well. BP was good, and best news of all: there was NO protein! However, that did not take me off bed rest...My doctor and I both know that things could change at any given minute so we're going to keep things the same because it's working. I go back Tuesday for an NST.

Big K also had an exciting week! (Please don't pay attention to the fact that the picture is washed out...I didn't know my flash was on.) She got her Cubbies vest! She didn't say her verse last week, for whatever reason, so she had to say 3 this week to get it, and she did! So proud of her. She was pretty excited about it too.

C pulled out our baby gear from the garage this week, and we washed and sanitized everything to death so that it'd be ready for Little K's arrival, which is quickly approaching. Big K decided to make sure the swing was in good condition.

My mom also came into town this week, for the long haul, to help us out since C works 24 to 48 hours at a time, and Big K is super active an gets bored quickly. She also came in to help get ready for Little K. We have gone through tubs and tubs of clothes left from Big K to see what we have that we can use. Hopefully we'll be able to use most of it since the seasons will be the same. The bigger question is if the sizes will line up. We have washed, dried, and hung up some clothes! Thanks momma!

One of Big K's newest things is she wants to help us cook. We had spaghetti tonight, and she got to mix the noddles and the sauce together. (She was VERY will supervised by C.) She enjoyed helping to cook, and enjoyed eating it even more.

Until later!

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29 week rundown

Wow! We have made it to 29 weeks. Baby will be here sometime in the next 10!

We have started the prepreation for Kynzie. C brought in the car seat and swing from the garage, and we have cleaned the stand/bases and have washed the fabric parts.

Kyndall is getting more excited. She tells everybody she sees that she's going to be a big sister. Not sure if that excitment will continue once baby is here, but I'm pretty sure she'll do fine.

My mom will be here either tomorrow or Wednesday to help out since I'm still on bedrest.

I have my weekly doctors appointment on Thursday. We will also have our first BPP that day.

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28wk1d appt

So I had my 28 week appointment yesterday. Everything looked good. My BP is staying well within the "normal" range, as long as I'm down. Therefore modified bed rest will continue. Good news as well, my protein levels are not going up either. 

I am going weekly to the doctor until 32 weeks. Once I hit that milestone, I will go twice a week. The first appointment will be just a regular appointment, and the second will be for a non-stress test (NST). I also have my first, of many, biophysical profiles (BPP) next week. These will be done probably every 2 weeks for the remainder of the pregnancy. However, if Kynzie fails the NST, we will probably have a BPP done.

Normally, I don't have much of a "baby bump"(and I normally don't look pregnant) but I "dressed" it up some for my appointment, and I actually looked pregnant! So, I had to take a picture to show it off.

28weeks 1day

Kynzie is currently in the frank breech position so getting face pictures are next to impossible since her arms AND legs are covering her face. If you look closely, you can see tiny hands and feet just above her head.

Until later. We continue our march towards 36 weeks.


11 years later

I'm sure that if you were alive, and old enough to remember, you can remember what happened on 9/11/01.

I can tell you what class I was in(Economics), what we were talking about(supply and demand), where I was sitting(first row of desks, last desk, closest to the door), and my teachers reaction(she was called out of the room by another teacher, we had no idea what was going on. The teacher came back in and turned on the TV just in time to see the plane fly into the second tower).

The rest of the day was spent mostly watching the news. Well, except for band- we did have a performance coming up, and we didn't have a TV in the band hall.

While I was directly effected by what happened that day, I know people who were. And in a way, it did effect me; it effected every one. The effects of that day are still going on to this very day, 11 years later.

Please join me in praying for the families who lost loved ones on that tragic day. Pray for the people who survived as the news won't ever let them live that day down as they show it every year. Pray for our country as the election is drawing near.


28 weeks

I have made it to goal #3- 28 weeks. This marks the beginning of the 3rd trimester. Some people call this the beginning of the end. I've been on bed rest for 1wk5d. We are aiming for 36 weeks which is only 8 weeks away, but my doctor would much rather me get further along than that.

I am now going weekly to the doctor. Ultrasounds are still every 4 weeks, unless my doctor changes that tomorrow. I will probably start non-stress tests soon. I'm not sure if they will be weekly or every other week.

I think I read somewhere that, at this point in pregnancy, every day the baby stays put in the womb, it equates to 4-6 less needed in the NICU. (This was not a credited site so that could be wrong, someone correct me if they know better.) Every day is a blessing, as boring as it may be.

(And yes, this picture was a screen shot from my phone...)


Sic 'em Bears

Yesterday, Baylor had its season opener. They played the SMU Mustangs.

Kyndall and C showed their support by wearing their Baylor gear to church.

I would have, but I don't have any "fancy" Baylor attire. I did wear my bracelet, but no one really saw it.

Oh well, guess that doesn't matter because the Bears won! They kicked some Mustang hiney. 59-10.

Keep it up boys!


Bed Rest Bucket List

I decided that since I am staring down the barrel of what could be a very long time on bed rest, about 3 months, I needed something to keep me from going insane.

Here is my bed rest bucket list:

- Watch every episode of every season of Grey's Anatomy. (Thank you Netflix)
- Learn to make bows. Yes, I have a 3 1/2 year old little girl. No, I have not figured out how to make bows.
- Learn to knit and/or crochet. (Which is easier?)
- Purchase and master Sims for the X-Box. (I did this when I was on BR with Kyndall on the PS2)
- Do arm curls(while laying down) every other day. I have no upper body strength...

I'm sure there will be things that will be added, but I just know that I need something to do over the next 3 months.

My mom will be here in the next couple of weeks to help take care of things around the house and help keep Kyndall entertained.

My blog entries may become ever fewer and further between since I won't be doing much...