4 weeks old!

We got a good report from Kyndall's ped today. She is up to 6 lbs 4 oz, so almost a whole pound in 2 weeks. We were a bit concerned about her peeling, but he said that is normal for little ones at about 7-10 days of age, and because she is only supposed to be about a week old, it is just now starting. As far as the reflux, he said that because she isn't fussy about spitting up and no real signs of colic there is no reason for them to intervene right now on that issue. He called her a "happy spitter" and as long as she stays that way and continues to gain weight on schedule hes not concerned about it. We go back March 3 for her 2 month appt and first round of shots.


Baby and mom update

Lets start with the PKU...Everything went well. Kyndall was up to 4 lbs 15 oz at her appt. on Thursday. The jaundice was only left in her face, and the nurse said that the face is the first place for it to show up and the last place for it to leave.

Friday was my surgery to remove my stint and blast the kidney stones. It well extremely well. Before the surgery, the doctor said that they don't normally do lithotripsy on both kidneys on the same day. They can only shock it so many times before it becomes dangerous to the organ. However, my right kidney responded really well, it didn't take the maximum shocks and the stones turned to dust. Therefore, they were able to do the left kidney as well, and it responded the same way as the right. I go back on Feb. 10th for my follow up.

Today was Kyndall's 2 week well appt, and it went well, too. she is now up to 5 lbs 6 oz and 17 1/2 inches. Her doctor said to keep doing what we're doing and she'll be fine. He also said that her jaundice is all gone. He wants to see her back in a couple of weeks just to do a weight check because she is still on the smaller side, but things are going well!


About mom

Well, I went to my urologist appt. today.

This morning, I had a CT scan and abdomen x-ray. This afternoon, I went to see the actual doctor, and found out more about my stones. The sono we did at the hospital before Thanksgiving was a little off. I have 2 stones in my right kidney, a 5 and 6 mm stone, but they are sitting right beside each other and the sono picked them up as one stone, therefore getting what we thought was a 12 mm stone. I also have a 5 mm stone in my left kidney.

While there, he went ahead and scheduled my stint removal surgery for Friday at 7:30am. I was originally supposed to get my staples out Friday morning, but I am now getting them out Thursday morning. because he scheduled my surgery for Friday morning so early, I had to do my pre-op today, which took forever. We left this morning at 7:40, come home for an hour and then left at 11:30 and returned home at 3:30, and we had Kyndall with us. She was a little trooper though and didn't complain until right before we got home.

Well, shes hungry so I gtg, but I'll post more Thursday after her PKU test.


We're home

I know this post is a little late, but its been crazy around here.

We were officially discharged from the hospital Friday Jan 2, 2009. We got home sometime around 12:15, and its been crazy every since.

The first night we were home, Chad and I were so tired by 4 that we called in the backup and Grandma took over for a couple of hours to let us sleep.

The second night, we made it to about 6 before we got help.

Last night my parents kept her until about 10:30-11 to let us sleep, and then I woke up at 1:20 realizing that I hadn't heard her, and it was almost 4 hours since her last feeding.

Lets hope tonight is better!

6 days old

well, we went back to the hospital this morning for lactation consultation.

it went pretty well considering she was NOT happy when we woke her up from her nap. once she calmed down, things went smoother.

the nurse said that everything she is doing is normal for a 37 weeker. she gave us some tips that hopefully will help some.

Kyndall left the hospital at 4 lbs 10oz, and she was up to 4lbs 13oz this morning, so she is almost back to her birth weight. she is also a little jaundice from the chest up, which the nurse said was nothing to worry about unless it moves below her chest bone.

we go back Thursday for her second PKU test and a followup lactation appt to see how much she and i learned/remember from to days lesson