Let's go to the Zoo!

(OK, so the pictures have gotten out of order a little, and I can't figure out how to get them back in order so we'll just go with it, k? Good!) 

We have some friends that will be moving back to Washington state in the next few months, so we decided that while we still had time to see them before they left, we'd get together and take the kids to the zoo.

<----The zoo has a wild bird walk about, where all these little birds just fly around. They have feeding sticks for $1 and if you have one, the birds SWARM you! It's crazy how many birds will come try to eat off your little stick! Kyndall wasn't super excited about this. 

The zoo also has a penguin exhibit. This is always one of Kyndall's favorite places to go. There was one little guy swimming right next to the glass. Kyndall followed it up and down the window for quite a while. I'm sure she would have stayed there almost all day if we would have let her.

My favorite is the elephants! Not sure why, but I love seeing them. The day we went the gate was open so we were able to all the way down to them. This one elephant was right up close to the fence. With arm and trunk extended, you would be mere inches away from it! It started to fling water/mud onto itself to help stay cool, and if we had not moved, we would have gotten dirty.
(Ok, so my spacing is apparently off too, sorry! Not sure whats going on with this post...)
At the beginning of the zoo, they have a little river/lake/pond where ducks and fish swim. They have fish/duck food available to feed them. Kyndall enjoyed do this as well.

The bear was the one animal Kyndall kept saying she wanted to see, and lucky for us, both bears were right up by the glass. They weren't active, but we could see them. She kept calling them Baylor Bears and saying "Sic 'em Bears!" (She's not biased at all is she?)

Here are our sweet friends Angela and Connor. Connor and Kyndall are 3 days apart in age. We are sad they are moving, but glad we got to see them and will hopefully get to see them again before they leave.


Puddle Jumpin

 It's been raining almost all week, and most defiantly all day. So after we did birthday jumpin this morning, we did a little puddle jumpin this afternoon!




Well, as much as I didn't want this day to come, because honestly the closer I get to 30, the less and less I look forward to birthdays. However, you can't stop them from coming so 28 years ago today, I was born.

Chad had these lovely flowers delievered to work. They definantly brightened my day.

When I got home from work, Kyndall came running up to me, and told me I had a gift in my chair. I opened it to find these bad boys. My first pair of TOMS, and I must say I'm obessed! I can definantly see another pair of these in my future.

After, I opened these, we went to Olive Garden for my birthday dinner. YUMMY!

While I'm not too keen on being another year closer to 30, I had a pretty good day overall.


Valentine's Day

So it's Valentine's Day once again. While Chad and I don't do much, we do like to get things for Kyndall.

She was so excited when we had her cover her eyes so we could put out her gifts. She once again, made out like a bandit!

She got a Hello Kitty (kind of her new thing), the new Minnie Mouse movie, Lady and the Tramp, and a pink teddy bear. Earlier this week, she told Daddy she wanted one so we had to get her one.

I hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day spent with your loved ones!