August 21 Pictures

Each of these pictures were taken on August 21.

At first we totally didn't mean to schedule pictures on the same date on year apart, but once we accidentally did it once, I decided to keep going. Hopefully I can continue to get Kyndall's pictures taken every year on August 21.

Isn't it amazing how much she has changed over the years?!


Back to School

Today marked the first day of the new school year. Chad started his last year of EMT classes, he'll graduate in May 2012. Kyndall moved up to one of the 3 year old classes.

It's hard to believe that Kyndall has moved to Ms. N's class! It's bittersweet. I'm excited she's in Ms. N's room, but it's hard to think that she's almost 3!

Chad is taking classes in cardiovascular and pharmacology. He's also taking online math and english classes.

I have started my new schedule. I am working in the mornings with 2 year olds, but in the afternoons, I am driving a bus route and picking up K-6th graders and then am in charge of mostly Kindergartners and some 1st Graders in the after school program at the church.

This will be an exciting year!



Every year our town holds a hot air balloon race, and this year was no different.

We went with another family who has a little boy about 4 months younger than Kyndall, and despite the fact that it was a little disappointing for the adults since they only brought up a handful of balloons, the kids had a blast!

I know its a little blurry, but here are 2 of the balloons during the balloon glow.

The Cheshire Cat balloon. It has a tail on the other side.

Wells Fargo Stagecoach. This balloon is HUGE!!!

And I think that the Jack-in-the-Box was my favorite of the ones that were blown up that night.

If you get up early enough in the mornings, the sky is filled with balloons and its so fun to see all the different designs and shapes. However, we didn't get up early enough this year to see any. Oh well, I think next year there is going to be a week of early morning flying so our chances will be better.


Name that Giraffe

Some of you may have read about sweet baby James and his fight with a brain tumor. If you read any of the blog, you know he loved giraffes.

Well, a few days after Matthew and Kara buried their son, a female giraffe was born at the Dallas Zoo. The zoo is now holding a naming contest for the giraffe, and a campaign has launched to name her "Jamie the Giraffe" in memory/honor of Jamesie.

You can find the form here.

CBS Dallas also did a news story on their efforts, which you can watch by going here.

Let's help Matthew and Kara get this baby giraffe named for their son!