Back on bed rest

Well, I went back to the doctor today, and the appointment went about as expected...

(If you've read my blog or want to read back, you'll know that I was put on bed rest with Kyndall.)

When I went 2 weeks ago, my blood pressure was elevated- 137/86. My doctor doesn't like anything over 140/90. She was also concerned with the fact that I was having braxton hicks. She said something about bed rest, and I think the look on mine and C's face told her we were not expected it at that moment. She said we'd reassess in 2 weeks.

Therefore, today went as expected. My BP was still slightly elevated and there is now traces of protein. She also looked at my BPs over the last 2 weeks and didn't like the way they looked, even after raising my dosage on my meds.

I will be 27wks on Monday Sept. 3. Our first major goal is 36weeks. After that, we'll take it a week at a time.

Pray for sanity, health, and understanding.


Swim lessons

This was the 3rd summer that Kyndall did swim lessons. This was the first summer she did them by herself. The past 2 years have been a "Mommy and Me" type class.

She did pretty well, for the most part, but I really think she would have benefited from another year of the mom and me class. She pretty much refused to put her face in the water or go under, but I think she had fun.

Next summer, we are planning to sign both girls up as soon as we get the email saying they are signing up. Lessons start at 6 months old, so Kynzie should be right at 6 months by the time lessons start.


We have a name!

Arriving(hopefully) sometime near December 3, 2012.

Kynzie Elizabeth Nealy