Cribs and car seats

two things....

1) we now have a crib. it is together and in the room. just three things missing...the mattress(which Chad's grandfather will getting us, probably tomorrow), the bedding(which we'll get once we find out what it is...late September), and the baby(that'll be January).

Chad's grandfather came over and helped us put it together the other night. it was fun to watch the baby's daddy and great-grandfather working together to put it together. I'll post pictures soon.

2) we now have the car seat in the car, and amazingly i can still fit in the passenger seat. (in case you didn't know, we weren't sure the car seat would fit and still be able to get a passenger in the car.) we just had to move my seat a little up and sit it a little straighter. it'll be do-able for a while so we're not in such a big rush to get another car like we thought we were.

our next appointment is on the 27th. on that day we'll schedule our next ultrasound!

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