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Well, I went to my urologist appt. today.

This morning, I had a CT scan and abdomen x-ray. This afternoon, I went to see the actual doctor, and found out more about my stones. The sono we did at the hospital before Thanksgiving was a little off. I have 2 stones in my right kidney, a 5 and 6 mm stone, but they are sitting right beside each other and the sono picked them up as one stone, therefore getting what we thought was a 12 mm stone. I also have a 5 mm stone in my left kidney.

While there, he went ahead and scheduled my stint removal surgery for Friday at 7:30am. I was originally supposed to get my staples out Friday morning, but I am now getting them out Thursday morning. because he scheduled my surgery for Friday morning so early, I had to do my pre-op today, which took forever. We left this morning at 7:40, come home for an hour and then left at 11:30 and returned home at 3:30, and we had Kyndall with us. She was a little trooper though and didn't complain until right before we got home.

Well, shes hungry so I gtg, but I'll post more Thursday after her PKU test.

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