My sick baby

Well, we keep reaching parent milestones. We made our first middle of the night ER trip with Kyndall this morning.

She started fussing at around her normal time of 12:30ish, and I went in to put her paci back in-which she will normally go back to sleep afterwards. Well, she didn't and she started coughing pretty strongly and sounding like she was gagging so I picked her up to help get the gunk out of her mouth.

Well, I put my cheek on her head, and it felt like it was on FIRE! I felt her tummy and could feel the warmth through her PJ's so I took her temp. It was 102.1! SCARY! So I go to our room and wake Chad up and tell him we need to take her to the ER.

We got there and got in in like record time! They took her temp and it was 101.1 in triage. We went back to a room and told the nurse and doctor what was going on. The doc checked her out and said he heard something in he lungs so he wanted to do a chest x-ray...not easy with an unhappy, tired, confused 5 month old! Luckily the x-ray came back clear. They have her some Tylenol and rechecked her temp about 45 min later. It was up to 101.3 so they gave her Motrin. About 30 min later they rechecked and it was down to 99.7 so they decided to let us go home. They prescribed her an antibiotic and told us to keep an eye on her and to follow up with her ped on Monday.

That was super scary for me, and I think I cried more than she did cause I was so scared.

She still doesn't feel good and is fighting off a fever. We called the on-call ped nurse and told us what to watch for and when we should go back to the ER. I'm really hoping things settle down. I am calling Dr. Hudson on Monday morning!

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