Happy Birthday Kyndall!

My Dear Sweet Kyndall,

I can not believe you are 2. The years have flown by! I am amazed everyday with how much you grow and learn. You are funny, goofy, loving, and you can be cranky sometimes too. Though no matter what mood you're in, I love you no matter what.

So what does being 2 mean for you?

You love to stand on the scale(I think its because you like to see the numbers). According to our home scale, you weigh 22.5 lbs.

I had Daddy measure you. You are 31 1/2 inches tall! A long way from the 17in you were when you were born.

- you still wear size 3 diapers.
- you wear a few 6-9 month things, but most everything is 9-12 and 12-18 month.
- you are obsessed with Minnie Mouse!
- you love jewelry, and everything is a "braklet."
- you start out shy, but by the time to say bye, you give hugs and kisses to everyone.
- you are the only girl in your class. You and 6 boys...
- your vocabulary is very impressive though only your daddy and I understand most of what you say.
- you know more animal sounds than I can think of, and most body parts, including your heart.
I pray the Lord will continue to bless us and you with your sweet and funny personality, and that He continues to watch over you and keep you safe because you can be quite the daredevil!
All my love,

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