A big day for a big girl

Saturday was a pretty big day for Kyndall!

It started off with breakfast at Whataburger and ended with dinner at Olive Garden for her Mimi's birthday, but the in between stuff was the exciting part!

After breakfast, we headed over to a small, local hair salon and got Kyndall's first haircut! They didn't take a lot off. Just cleaned up the ends and evened it out some.

Here is a before picture:

She did pretty well through the whole thing! Here is the first cut:
Here is the after picture:

Like I said, not a lot taken off, but it made a huge difference in the way she looks! And yes, we did save some of her hair in an envelope.
After the haircut, we headed to the mall to get a new washer since ours decided to go kaput on us. After we got the washer, we headed towards Claire's. We decided it was time to finally get Kyndall's ears pierced. It took a little while to get her still so they could do it, but once they did, she cried for about 30 seconds and she was given a sucker, said "tank eww" and was ready to go.
She picked out little pink flowers:

That afternoon, a friend and I took the kids to the daffodil gardens for pictures. I'll post those pictures another day, probably tomorrow.

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Rachel said...

Wow! They've come a long way with the earrings they give you on a piercing, haven't they? Those are adorable!