Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Yesterday, we went to the Rangers/Red Sox game. It was pretty fun! Here are the Red Sox during batting practice. We got Kyndall a new shirt. Gotta support our home town boy, Chris Davis. I saw him play high school baseball!
We also got Lemon and Strawberry Chills before the game started since we were sitting in the direct sun. Kyndall thought the strawberry one was good to the last drop. Then got upset when it was "gone gone."

Here she is dancing on daddy's lap after the GRAND SLAM!

She wasn't so interested in taking a picture with mommy though. This is the best we got.

The Rangers ended up winning 12 to 5. We left in the 7th inning since Kyndall was starting to get cold, and we really didn't want her to get sick.

After the game, we went to my friends house for the night. This morning the kids swam for a bit after a super yummy huckleberry pancake breakfast!

We're hoping to make it to another game this season.

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