Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, though I know there is probably only one person who read this(Hi Mom!)

We haven't been busy; we just haven't done anything blog worthy...So here are some pictures to help tide ya over until something big happens.

Our local high school's mascot is the Lobo, so since I'm a former Lobo(though once a Lobo, always a Lobo) Kyndall had to have a shirt. I've made them for her in the past, but I always seems to mess up the first one so I decided to buy a pre-made one this year. Here is her "Go Bobo" shirt!

The other day, Chad brought home dinner, and we decided to have a picnic in his truck. Well, Kyndall decided that she'd rather sit on top of daddy's truck!

I got Kyndall new PJs the other day. When I bought them, I didn't realize the glowed in the dark. Needless to say once she discovered the glowed, she was pretty funny to watch. It was so funny!

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