Black Friday

I didn't do any shopping this year, though I wanted to. Instead, we went out to Chad's grandfather's house and had a 2nd Thanksgiving meal with his uncle from Oklahoma.

After lunch and before pie, we headed outside for some fun! Forget family football, Kyndall decided it was time for some family t-ball. For someone so tiny, she sure can pack a punch when it comes to hitting the ball.

After t-ball, she had to "drive" Popple's tractor!

Love this picture.

Hanging out in the tree.

Kyndall and Daddy in the tree that he grew up climbing! I'm sure Kyndall will follow in his footsteps and will soon be climbing this tree all by herself.

Next Black Friday, I'll be at the stores with all the crazies! As strange as it sounds, I really like Black Friday shopping.

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