We started our Easter by dying eggs on Wednesday after church. Kyndall was super excited to have daddy help!

Then, on Good Friday, Uncle Mikey and Kyndall finished the eggs by putting the Tinkerbell stickers and glitter on them. I'm pretty sure we won't be doing glitter eggs next year. I did a couple, and they are hard work!

We all got new Easter clothes. It's been a tradition that my mom started when I was super little, and I've done it every year. I like to try to coordinate our clothes so that we can take some good family pictures. (Though, with an active 3 year old, and a husband that hates having pictures taken, that's easier said than done!) Here is the best one my brother got of us. We went to the college campus across the street from our house. They had this cute little Reflection Garden.

After church, lunch, and pictures, it was time to check out what the Easter bunny had brought. The bunny went a little over board this year, but Kyndall had fun looking at all her new things!

Now, new clothes and the Easter bunny are fun and all, but they are certainly NOT the real reason why we celebrate Easter. The real reason? Jesus, of course. He died on the cross for our sins and 3 days later He rose again. It makes my heart happy to hear my 3 year old tell us about Easter and that Jesus died on the cross because He loves us and that He lives in our hearts.

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