In Memory

In Memory of Popple: February 1, 1933- July 29, 2012

Our family has lost one of the most precious members of it. Kyndall adored him, and he adored her.

December 31, 2008: The day he nicked named her "The Boss." If you knew him, you knew Kyndall was just that.

Kyndall and Popple on his birthday: February 1, 2009.

 The best seat in the house! Popple's lap.

Christmas 2010.

 One of the last pictures of Popple and Kyndall. He had gotten her some beads, and he had just given them to her.

Popple will forever be loved and in our hearts and minds.

Until we see him again.

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Mary-Kate said...

What a special memory!! <3