Popple's Birthday

Today would have been Popple's birthday. We went out to the cemetery to place flowers and release balloons. 

Big K drew a picture for him which we attached to the balloons so that they could take the picture to Popple in Heaven.

Little K has two middle names. Her second one is in memory of Popple. His middle name was Neal so we added a "y" to it to make it more feminine to make it Nealy. When we put her down beside the marker, she smiled and cooed and was as happy as could be.

Popple's two great grand babies.

Big K had a really hard time leaving. She kept running back to say bye. It broke my heart to see her that way. I think we may try to go out there more regularly to keep up the site and let Big K have some time with him.

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Jamie said...

What a great way to remember him (by using his name).