Father's Day Quiz

Found this on Pinterest. Let's see how Big K answers the questions!

My Dad's name is: Chad
My daddy is years old.
My daddy weights 66 pounds
My daddy's job is working on an ambulance
My daddy laughs when I make funny faces
My daddy likes to do this in his free time carry me and take me places.
My daddy is really good at sleeping.
My favorite meal my dad makes is tacos.
My dad always says funny words that makes kids laugh.
My favorite thing to do with dad is get on his back and shoulders.
I love my dad because he's my daddy and I love him.
My dad loves me because he lives with me.

This one is about Grandpa

He is 8 years old.
His hair is short and dark
His eyes are blue
His favorite color is yellow
He always says funny words
He laughs when I make funny faces
His favorite food is tacos
He works hard at cleaning
He always tells me I love you
I love him because he's my grandpa.
If I could give him anything I'd give him some cookies and toys.

These are the answers from Big K, age 4.

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Leslie said...

Haha aww! K sounds cute! I hope you guys have had a great father's day!