So I know I've been blessed. I mean I have a roof over my head(a free one at that), a vehicle that will get me from point A to B(that's completely paid for), clothes to wear, food to eat(most of the time), a wonderful husband who works his butt off to provide for us, two amazing little girls, and some pretty awesome friends.


I need Thee, oh, I need Thee

I've hit a low point. I feel like I'm at rock bottom. I mean I guess if I am at rock bottom, the only place to go is up, right?

Every hour I need Thee

I'm struggling. Struggling with who I am. Who I want to be. Where I need to be as a Christian. A wife. A mother. A friend. A daughter. Struggling to help provide. 

Oh, bless me now, my Savior

Why am I suffering? Is God punishing me? Is the Devil testing me? Why am I not good enough? Why won't anyone hire me? I'm a faithful worker; I'm willing to do almost anything. I want to learn new things. Experience new things. Expand myself.

I come to Thee

I give up, Lord. I can not do it anymore. Help me, Lord. 


Beth Galusha said...

Hang in there. It will get better. It has to right...

Dee D said...

I remember that song soooo well. At the church home that I grew up in, we used to sing that all the time. Hang in there and keep reminding yourself that there isn't anything that God can't do. I'll keep you in my prayers tonight and please don't give up.

Anonymous said...

This speaks to my heart so deeply, because it's exactly where I am right now. I've hit rock bottom many times, and I know that I should feel more encouraged that I've come through it each time... But that doesn't help much when you are in the throes of it. Hoping that, even if you don't get answers, God will give you peace in the middle of it.