Share it Sunday- Diaper Bag edition

Linking up with Oh So Amelia's Share it Sunday. This week's edition: What's in your changing bag(which I'm assuming is the same thing as a diaper bag in America).

First off, I LOVE LittleK's diaper bag. I love flowers; I love purple, and I love things with the child's name on it!

First essential items: Diapers, wipes, and a changing pad to use when out. I normally have about 5-7 diapers in her bag at once. Although, the nursery workers at church will tell you that I do sometimes take the bag with no diapers...Hey, I'm human, I can make mistakes and forget things.

Second, we have food items. Don't worry, the gummies and LaffyTaffy are for BigK. LittleK doesn't normally eat baby food anymore, but I keep it in there just in case!

Next we have items we use while dining out. Bibs are a given. A cloth to help clean up hands and face. Clorox wipes to clean the table, I mean have you seen the nasty rags they use to clean them?! And then sticky placemats for LittleK so she isn't eating right off the table.

If you have baby, or toddler, a change of clothes is a must! Sometimes I'll throw in a set of extra clothes for BigK too. I do need to think about putting in a spring outfit as well now that the weather is sometime on the warmer side.

And lastly, odds and ends. A hat, a spoon(LittleK loves to play with them), a random toy, and my sling, which is a lifesaver when I'm somewhere that the stroller won't really work. I also normally have my breastfeeding cover in the bag too, but it's currently in my car.

So there you have it. What's in LittleK's diaper bag.

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