Palm Sunday and Easter

Palm Sunday and Easter are 2 of my favorite days of the year. Between the Triumphal Entry and Resurrection, it's amazing to think that the LORD was humble enough to ride in on a donkey, but also mighty enough to DIE for us.

Another, maybe a little more selfish reason, why I like those days are because we can start wearing spring clothes. Yes, I'm still traditional on the whole white shoes after Easter and they get put up at Labor Day...Yes, I know, not many people follow that anymore, but it was instilled in me at a pretty young age...Thanks Mom!

So here are BigK and LittleK busting out the spring colors!

C was off this year for Easter so we were able to get a family picture this year on Easter. Also, I have to get pictorial proof that C actually agreed to wear purple!

The Easter Bunny came. However, we defiantly remind the girls of the real reason for Easter. It's not about eggs or candy or some character, but about the LORD dying on the cross and raising again to save us from our sins. 

However, we still do some of the fun traditions like a picture with the bunny. LittleK wasn't such a big fan this year, but we figured she wouldn't be. It did go better than we expected though, and a lot better than Santa...


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