All About Dad

1. What is something dad always says to you? Be good

2. What makes dad happy? Seeing us

3. What makes dad sad? Not seeing us

4. How does your dad make you laugh? Playing with us and telling jokes

5. What was your dad like as a child? happy

6. How old is your dad? 31

7. How tall is your dad? TALL...Really tall

8. What is his favorite thing to do? Cuddle

9. What does your dad do when you're not around? works 

10. If your dad becomes famous, what will it be for? because he wants more money 

11. What is your dad really good at? cooking

12. What is your dad not very good at? I don't know

13. What does your dad do for a job?  EMS 

14.What is your dad's favorite food? sandwiches- he always takes them to work

15.What makes you proud of your dad? being happy

16. If your dad were a character, who would he be? Marshmallow from Frozen 

17. What do you and your dad do together? Go on a daddy/daughter date

18. How are you and your dad the same? We both love our mommy

19. How are you and your dad different? We are not as tall as each other

20. How do you know your dad loves you? because he plays with us

21. What does your dad like most about your mom? she's sweet

22. Where is your dad's favorite place to go? to the movies

23. How old was your dad when you were born? 29

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