It's a...

Its a girl! Her name is Kyndall Elaine.

Yesterday at the sono appt. it took 30 min to get her to show us. She was sitting indian style, asleep. We had to wake her up from her nap to get her to move, but she wouldn't so I was rolling from side to side and the tech was pushing and pocking and shaking my tummy to get her to open up. Once she finally did, she put her hands in front of her face.(she gets her hardheadedness honestly from both momma and daddy) Therefore, the best picture of her face we got was her sucking her thumb and giving us the peace sign.

She is breech right now with her head at my belly button feet down, (more like bottom down since shes sitting). We got to see her brain, stomach, cord, heart. However they were not able to get a clear picture of her kidneys so we're going to have another sono in a month and half or so. The doctor is not really concerned about her kidneys because the did check my fluid levels and said they all looked good and if her kidneys weren't working right, my levels wouldn't be where they are. They also guesstimated that she weighs somewhere close to 1lb 4oz.

More to come later!

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