This morning I had my doctor's appointment.

I had my glucose testing and some other blood work done. My blood sugar level was 97, which apparently is really good. My hemoglobin level was high, which is good too. She said she rarely sees levels that high, which means I'm taking my vitamins.

Kyndall's heart rate was 142 bpm, which is a lower then 4 weeks ago, but she didn't say anything about that. My blood pressure was a bit higher then it normally is(mainly due to blood work and knowing that 2 shots were coming), but still in the normal range.

I also got my rogham and flu shots, which was not exciting, but needed for the safety of the baby and me.

Kyndall is no longer breech, but is now laying side to side. We know shes moved because we normally find her heart closer to the right hip, but today it was on the left side. Which means, she has probably done at least a quarter turn towards being in the correct position for birth.

Today was my last 4 week appt. so now we have moved into every 2 weeks. so, my next appt. will be Nov. 5.

I also went to lunch and to register at a girlie store this afternoon with a really good friend!

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