Thoughtless Thursday

Thursdays mean "Thoughtless Thursday" over at Life in the Fulmer Lane!

I know Father's Day was on Sunday, but oh well! Katie, here's what your Mister can look forward to next year.

Here is Kyndall and her daddy on Father's Day! I, with the help of a couple of friends, made them shirts. His says "Papa Bear" and hers says "baby bear." I love how excited she is in this picture!

I decided to make brownies for dessert Sunday night, and I let Kyndall help. She was not a fan of the mixer. In fact right after this was taken, she was holding on to me for dear life and then tried to push the mixer away.

Though Kyndall didn't enjoy the mixing part so much, she and daddy did enjoy the cleaning up part!

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Katie said...

awww, SOOOO cute! i LOVE the shirts! what a darling idea!!!

thanks for playing :)