Ok, so I know I've been slacking some in the blogging department the last month or so, and I apologize to any of the readers I still have out there, but we've been a bit busy.

Busy with what you might ask. Well swim lessons of course! I enrolled Kyndall into a Mommy and Me class at one of the city pools back in April, and it finally came time to start!

The class wasn't really to teach her to swim, but to teach me about water safety and how to hold her in the water properly. Her favorite part was "talking to the fish," aka blowing bubbles.

Here are some pictures from the last day:

Getting ready to blow bubbles!
Kicking up a storm!

Going under the rope from the deep end(like 4'6") to the shallow end(1'6").

All in all we both enjoyed it and had fun. I really hope we get to do it again next year, but I don't think we'll get to do another class where I get to be in the water with her.

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