I'm sure most of you have heard of Scentsy, but I'll give you some background a quick facts just in case you've never heard of it.

Well, the company has been around since 2004, and they "offer a safe, wickless alternative to scented candles." They work well, come in several patterns, and have several scents from which to choose from.

I got one as a teacher gift back in May, and its been in my classroom since August. I love mine! However, you can use them at home, in the office, and they even have Scentsy for your car. I've had a car one in my car for about a month, and it still smells like new.

I am hosting a party through a good friend of mine. While I know none of you will be able to make it, you can order online at her Scentsy page. Make sure you click on the Kim Frederick party. The parties are listed on the left of the page!

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