Thoughtless Thursday

So Katie over at Life in the Fulmer Lane took a little break from her Thoughtless Thursday, but it is now back. So here's to the 1st Thoughtless Thursday of 2011!

One picture was taken Dec. 30, 2009- the day Kyndall turned 1.
The other picture was taken Dec. 31, 2010- one day after Kyndall turned 2.
She is on the same slide, wearing the same shirt. Yes, that's right. She wore the same shirt 366 days apart from each other. I bought the shirt in a size 6-9 month when she was about 4 months old thinking that she'd for sure be wearing 6-9 month by the time her birthday rolled around. I was wrong. She was wearing 3-6 month...So since it still fit this year she wore it again. Best $4 I spent!
Goodness gracious, what a difference a year makes!

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