Well, I had every intention of putting pictures in this entry, but the picture uploader thing is being stupid and isn't uploading any. :( Oh well...

The zoo closest to us recently got 2 bears so we decided that since we hadn't taken Kyndall to the zoo in almost a year, we'd go. However, finding a weekend that was open was the hard part, but we finally did! We got a slow start that morning, but we finally made it.

The first thing we stopped and saw where the otters. One was sleeping, but the other was swimming around. I, personally, could have stayed there all day and watched them swim, but a busy 2 year old had other plans!

We saw the fish and ducks, which we fed. It amazes me that the fish food still costs the same amount as when I was little and my parents took me to the zoo. I do believe Kyndall's favorite was the bears, the cheetahs, and the penguins. Her least favorite, the goats and the parrots.

Before we left, we stopped in the gift shop. Chad got coasters with bears on them as an early Father's Day gift, and Kyndall got a zebra shirt and mask set and new rubber duck animals.

We had a good time, and I'm sure there will be plenty of zoo trips in our future!

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