Touch a Truck

Today, our local community ministries held an event called, Touch a Truck. They had all sorts of big vehicles for kids to look at, touch, climb in/on. We went with Kyndall's best friend, T and his dad so that T's mom could rest with his brand new baby sister! T and Kyndall had a BLAST!

They had a police motorcycle. Kyndall couldn't reach the handle bars so she's driving it with pretend bars. She was saying "vroom vroom!"

They had the LPD armored truck there with riot gear inside. Kyndall picked up the shield. Not sure how she held it for as long as she did. That thing is heavy!

They had several monster trucks that were huge! Here's Kyndall sitting on the tire of one of them.

Here is Kyndall and T in the trash can on the side of the trash truck. Don't worry, it was clean!

Inside, they had some super cool old cars and lawn mowers that were made into racers. They can get up to 70MPH! That's a super fast lawn mower.

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