This weekend, we had a cousin who was having a bowling party. I figured I felt well enough after my surgery on the 10th that we could go. Kyndall had never been bowling before, but she had a really good time!

She is super strong. She was able to pick up the bowling ball and take it to the lane all by herself!

They had super cute little dino ramps to help the little ones get the ball down the lane. She and a 4 year old little girl bowled together on the same lane. Kyndall tried so hard to push the ball down the lane a couple of times but was never able to get it all the way down the lane so she had to use the ramp. Kyndall and the other little girl would get so excited for each other and for themselves.

Kyndall even got a strike! She wasn't sure why everyone was cheering for her, but she knew she did something right.

While I don't see bowling in our super near future since I'm still recovering from hernia surgery, I'm sure we'll take Kyndall again once I can finally lift more than 10lbs at a time.

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