Well, we went to the doctor yesterday. I am going every 2 weeks now.

As normal, everything went well. Good strong heart beat, and I am measuring at exactly where I should be. The doctor believes that Kyndall is now head down, maybe not completely straight down, but more down then sideways. That's always a good thing!

We got a lot of our questions answered, but did find out that hip pain is due to her putting pressure on my sciatic nerve. It is NOT fun, but other then that all is well.

We will do another sono at 36 weeks to recheck her kidneys. She wants to wait until then so that she can make sure of the position, and get an estimation of size and weight- which shes not concerned about. The good thing about this sono being at 36 weeks, is that my parents will be here so they can go with us to see their first grandchild!

We also started our childbirth preparation classes this week. Chad is taking a daddy boot camp class on Saturday- all new daddy's, taught by a male, and they are bringing in a newborn.

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