18 Months Old!!

Name: Kyndall

Birthday: December 30, 2008

Height: 31 inches

Weight: 19lbs 14 oz

Hair: Too much for headbands, and I can put it in a pony or piggies.

Teeth: 4 top, 4 bottom, both top 1 year molars

Clothing Size: mostly 6-9 month, but since its summer, we can get away with some 3 month shorts, and we're having to go up to some 12 month dresses for length

Diaper Size: 3...we just moved up last week, and they are a little big still

Walking: uh, yeah

Running: yes, especially when she's excited.

Climbing: Yep- up on the couch, chairs, boxes...

Talking: mama, dada, cat, dog, hair, bow, toe, nose, bye bye, night-night, fish, money(what she calls a monkey), Popple(great g-pa), Tux and DC(our dogs), Zoe-o(What she calls our cat, Zoe), Jude(a boy in her class), cheese, please, thank you, jump, side(in and out), hot dog, shoe, look, whats that, wow, woah...and I'm sure there are others

Signing (if you do this): we tried, but didn't stick to it, but I wish we had

Understands Commands: Yes. Go get the (object), take this(object) to mommy/daddy/Popple, Sit down, go to the potty(she won't do anything, but she'll go to it)

On the Bottle/breast: weaned off the bottle at 13 months, weaned from the breast at 14 1/2 months

Paci: Not since May 27

Utensils: She's pretty good with them, but still likes to use her hands some

Tantrums: Oh yeah

Hobbies: She is a dancing machine! She loves to go outside and jump, and she has gotten to where she likes to look at books. I'm hoping she'll like swimming as well- we start lessons on the 19th.

Others: She's small for her age, 2nd% for weight and 28th% for height, but shes healthy. Her newest fascination is pointing out body parts. She knows where her hair, nose, mouth, ears, bellybutton, and toes are.

Kyndall on Jan. 3, 2009 with Lola

Kyndall July 7, 2010 with Lola...not to happy!

The black onesie is a preemie that she wore 18 months ago and a preemie diaper- both were too big on her. The red and white onesie is a 6-9 month and the diaper is size 3- still a little big, but can wear them comfortably with room to move.

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