Happy Birthday America!

This was a 4 day holiday weekend for me, and it started with the annual 4th of July parade at Kyndall's school.

It was so much fun to see all the kiddos in their red, white, and blue!

Saturday night, we went to the city's firework show. Kyndall did much better than we expected because the last time she saw fireworks, she was absolutely petrified! She watched them intently(in the arms of daddy) and would point and say "ohhh!"
Sunday afternoon, we pulled out the fireworks we had gotten. Kyndall really enjoyed the sparklers!

We also got some of the poppers that you throw and make a loud noise. Kyndall enjoyed throwing them, but couldn't really get them to pop, but she tried none the less!

Sunday night, we pulled out the sparklers again, and I think Kyndall enjoyed them more in the dark! She kept waving them around and got a little sad when they stopped glowing.

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Hattie said...

Too cute! Love the pic of all the kiddos in their red, white & blue!!!