Fall Cleaning

This weekend, we did some cleaning!

We broke down and got a new vacuum- there was no waiting around on this purchase. Our old one was starting to blow stuff back out and wouldn't suck anything up. So Kyndall and I went to Target and got a cheap one, and let me tell you, compared to the old one, this one sucks(haha!). Its great! It picked up cat hair, Cheerios, Gold Fish, everything!

Kyndall even got in on the act!

Kyndall also decided the kitchen needed to be swept, so all on her own, she went to town sweeping the floor. Now granted she did spread the dirt around, but she had fun!

A friend and I also went through Kyndall's clothes and pulled out a ton of things! I didn't take any pictures, but I still have all the empty hangers so I may get a picture of those to prove that I did weed out a lot!

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