Flyin on a Jet Plane

This week, Kyndall, Grandma, and I are in Tennessee visiting my parents. How did we get here? Well, we didn't drive, we flew! I was a little worried about how Kyndall would do on the plane, but she did fine. Well, until right before landing on both flights. I have a feeling it'll be the same way when we fly back home Saturday.

Here are some pictures from our adventure on getting to my parents.

Here's Kyndall, ready for the adventure to begin!

Here's GG and Kyndall looking at the plane right before we started boarding.

Kyndall sitting in GG's lap eating a cookie while in the air.

Kyndall finally fell asleep. While landing of all times! She slept from about 10 min before landing in Atlanta, to right before boarding the plane for the second time, which was really only about 45 minutes.

Kyndall felt it was her duty to read up on the safety protocol before taking off the second time.

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