Lost in the Corn...

We had some friends come this weekend and go to the pumpkin patch and corn maze in the next town over.

Here is what the maze looks like from the air. It is an oil derrick. It was divided into to parts, which is good because I think that if it was only one big maze, we'd still be wandering around, lost in the corn...

The picture above was obviously taken before the drought and the super hot summer and fall! Here we are in the corn, we had just started out so we weren't frustrated yet. HA!

Here is Kyndall and her buddy Connor playing around the hay and pumpkins. It was a super cute photo opt, but the kids weren't having it! They were more interested in the tree or the pumpkins to sit still long enough to take pictures.

We barely got out of the maze and to the cars before the storm hit! We were under tornado watches and warnings for the remainder of the evening and all of the next day. It was pretty crazy!

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