The things you say

Oh, the things you say when you teach 2 year olds...

- Don't stand/lay on the table.
- The table isn't for jumping.
- Get out of the baby bed.
- Get your finger out of your nose.
- Get you finger out of his/her nose.
- Get your hand out of your diaper.
- Yes, your poop is brown, but that doesn't mean you paint with it.
- Don't like the mirror.
- Sit on your bottom.
- Put your shoe on.
- Sit down.
- Your applesauce isn't for painting the table.
- Eat your lunch.
- Don't throw your corn.
- Don't sit on the basket.
- Got out of the box.

And that was just today!

The wonder and amazement of 2 year olds never ceases to amaze me!

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