Toddler Tuesday

I told you I would post about getting together with friends on Tuesday, so here it is!

Saturday afternoon, we got together with a couple of friends of mine and their toddlers. It was super fun and good to see Stacy and Angela again. However, trying to get three little ones who will all be 2 in mid to late December to take a picture together is quite tricky!

Here is the best one of all 3. L to R: Kyndall, Gabby, Connor.

Apparently Connor had something interesting to say to Kyndall, and she listened rather intently too!

That same night, we met up with the families from earlier and one other family for dinner.
Needless to say the waiter had his hands full with 6 adults, 4 toddlers(all will be 2 in December), 2 tweens, and 1 infant. We had fun, made a minimal mess on the floor, and only had 1 or 2 meltdowns the whole time so I think all in all, it wasn't so bad!
Here is the whole group!

Here are the mommas and Gabby girl!
Here are the mommas and all the kidd-o's!

Yes, Ellen(the one on the far left) is very pregnant is this picture, but she delivered yesterday afternoon.
It was great to get together with friends and get out of our boring town, even if it was only for one night!


Kel said...

Looks like you all had fun!

Summer said...

Looks like lots of fun! I love pumpkin patches and I love Kendall's pillow case dress is it made to resemble a candy corn? It is just so presh for words and so is she of course :0)

Love the group shot of all you guys

Kim said...

Summer- yep, its a candy corn!